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Groop Awards update *please read*

There was a small bug in the voting script that wasn't recording your
choices for the Rufferto (the most coveted of all!) awards. Magnus has
since fixed the bug, but the place that we had the cgi script has a down
ftp server, so we haven't been able to load it back into place. Does
anyone out there have an ISP/server that will allow you to put the cgi
script? If you don't understand any of this, don't worry -- I only want to
hear from folks who know for sure. And please contact myself, Magnus, or
any of the academy off the main list (I don't want any badgers or 
handcuffs coming my way for excessive traffic!). :) Thanks all!


PS If we can't find a place to put the script in the next day or so, 
we'll revert to the old-fashioned email ballots! :) Thanks for being 
patient everyone.