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Re: One Night!

Hi Folks!   (My name has been invoked, so I will join in)  

> Desses...I mean Gary: doesn't smell like Groo, act like Groo, cook like
> Groo...but, he does talk INCESSANTLY about Groo...but he has a really
> sense of humor...does he snore?

Well, my wife says no.  Let's see, hanging with Unirabbit would work just
great.  We could talk about the art of raising kids  (And believe me, it's
an art, not a science), she could tell some Larry stories, and then the 4
of us (our respective spouses would be there) could watch Marx Brothers
movies.  Yeah, that'd work real well.  

Kevin would be smooth also.  He's with his family where I was about 15
years ago with mine so that would be fun to talk about.  He could show me
how his Daredevil Collection is as over the top as my Groo Collection.  

If you think I ramble about Groo, you should here me go on (and on and on)
about the joys and tribulations of parenthood and how great my kids are. 
But hanging with some of the young single Groopies would be fun too. 
Sounds like Nate has crammed a lot of living into 23 years and there are
almost endless avenues of palaver possibilities with him. I have no doubt
we could go into the wee hours of the morning on all sorts of subjects as
long as the root beer and cheese dip held out.  (And think if we did how
few posts there would be that day!)  

Squirrel would a blast also.  Armed Forces folks always have fascinating
stories to tell  and I know that Squirrel has more than most (told with his
unique perspective!)  Yeah, I'd bring a tape recorder that night.  (But
don't worry I would deny the existance of any tape.)  

Actually, I could probably have a fun evening with anyone cool enough to
appreciate Groo and the Groo Crew.  

By the way.  There has been much Groop back patting lately, but i can tell
you this for a fact.  We are a whole lot more interesting than the
international Asterix mailing list.  (Asterix is a French comic that has
been translated into over 70 languages.  Asterix, Tin-Tin, and Lucky Luke
are the most popular international comics on the globe)  Anywho, these guys
are Boring  Boring BORING!!!!!!!!!!!  I got on their list as a vehicle for
trying to find Turkish Groos and man, it is snooze city!!!  

Speaking of which, now that I have put you all to sleep, I'll sign off and
lurk for a few days.  (maybe)    Take care all -Gary G.