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Re: Saddness Abounds

I hate to rain on your already soggy parade, but I felt like MST3000 died
when Joel left. I never really liked that new guy. He just didn't have that
snotty sarcasm that Joel had. But I guess MST3000 with Mike (or whatever
his name is) is better than no MST3000 at all!


>Yes, sadness!! Oh, the horrible dark place that this news has sent soul,
>is infinite!! And dark!! The gnawing pain that this has caused runs so
>very deep!! I must share my pain with those that may understand and
>sympothize. Mystery Science Theater 3000 will soon be no more. After the
>conclusion of it's tenth season, poof ! It goes bye-bye. The tenth
>season starts in april and ends in august. So savor those short sweet
>months my friends!! On the plus side, though, there's gonna be a
>reunion show with (GASP) the return of Joel and TV's Frank!! Oh, that
>made me happy again. On something Groo related, anybody have any ideas
>as to what pre-existing figure could be modified to become a Groo
>figure? I couldn't find anything at Toys"r"us the other day.
>Bryan " no one knows what it's like to be the sad man, behind blue eyes"
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