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Re: One Night!

Y'know, I'd love to bunk with everyone...but I don't know how everyone's 
wife would feel about that.  From what I've read so far, the 
aforementioned space sheep are probably the Groopie's best bet for 
convention companionship.  But seriously, this sounds like a good time 
to link up, only I seem to have missed the dates.  Could you run them by 
me again? 
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>Jeez - what a strange thought, an almost terrifying thought...bunking 
with a
>Nate: Doesn't party, eat red meat, drink...but he does publish his own
>comics, and play D&D...there may be something there
>Desses...I mean Gary: doesn't smell like Groo, act like Groo, cook like
>Groo...but, he does talk INCESSANTLY about Groo...but he has a really 
>sense of humor...does he snore?
>Ruben: Well, we could have a killer cook-off, I don't only cook 
>and venison...I just don't fancy having to buy two plane seats for the 
>back with all the weight I'd gain...
>Shane: I'm not sure I could talk up to his level. Does he read 
>Larry: Hell, we shared a house for a year, and since I didn't kill him 
>I suppose one night would be okay. We could read comics all night and 
>old Marx Brothers movies.
>Squirrel: Hmmm....fried Squirrel, tastes like chicken...but no, I can't 
>that...he's my friend...barbequed squirrel.....mmmmmmm.....no...no...he
>loves Star Trek.....baked squirrel...yummmmm.....no, no...I
>Love, from,
>Unirabbit, Queen of Florida, Empress of Outer Space, and Seneschal of 
>Bermuda Triangle
>Nate Piekos wrote:
>> >Are there any kind folks in the area of the SDCC that would be 
>> >to let this semi-DESSESBO Groopie stay at their own home for a few
>> >days?  I mean, I don't smell like Groo, act like Groo, or cook like
>> >Groo, but... A warm room and a roof is all I'll need.... I'll even 
>> ~~~~ I had.... a thought!  If it came down to bunking with a Groop 
>> who would I choose and why.  SO for the sake of fun, imagine you're
>> about to pal around for an evening with a groop member... what would 
>> expect?  FOr instance:
>> Ruben:  If I were to pal around with Rube, I get the impression we'd 
>> some food shopping.  We're both cooking oriented.  Although I'd 
>> end up smiling politely and looking for a plant pot to stick the
>> mouthfuls of bizarre stuff he'd give me. (all the while chewing on
>> nothing and making happy noises.)
>> Squirrel:  Let's see, we'd go out drinking (I don't drink) have 
>> (I rarely eat red meat) And then do some sort of partying (which I
>> rarely do anymore.)  I'm sure he'd be very dissapointed with me.
>> (Squirrel: "But Nate!  You're the Enchilada guy!  WIth the adventures
>> and the women and the guns and the space sheep!"  Nate:"Sorry 
>> it's all repressed fantasy.")
>> Kev Hall:  Well, I already know what would happen, cuz I did pal 
>> with he and his daughter for a day last Nov.  But in the fantasy
>> version, we'd both be happier with the Mexican food.
>> Unirabbit:  (See Ruben)
>> ~~~~ C'mon guys, try it out, if you were spending an evening (get 
>> mind out of the gutter) with groopmates, (HEY!  There's a new name 
>> us!) what would you expect?  (It's kind of a game of educated social
>> roleplaying... so warm up your d20's)
>> ~Nate P.
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