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RE: G&R 1&2 :)

At 09:03 AM 3/6/99 +0900, YN3 Gabriel Owens wrote:
>Hey Willie, I have both Groo and Misfits (the Skull Logo in red) tatooed on
>me!  Not to mention a couple of Ninja High School characters, Dead Kennedy's
>"DK" logo, and the Black Flag "bar code".  BTW, your friend who went in the
>Nav as a fireman (call him a snipe!  trust me) is probably regretting ever
>getting an anchor.  Its a target of ridicule while your there (Joe Navy!
>Lifer!)  but I guess its kinda cool to have when you get out.  Later.

The Misfits, as in Danzig???? That's so funny. One of my good friends at
work runs the most heavily visited site dealing with the Misfits and
Danzig... and I had a Groo The Wanderer site... wow, does this mean that
Groo and Misfits (Danzig) are kinda one in the same.... is Danzig really
Groo in disguise? (and yes I've met Danzig several times.... wow there's
many a story there!?!?!)

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
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