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Business of Living - Shane's Take

Okay.. here's mine folks!:

The Business of Living:

Let's see... If I had to shack up with NATE:
I would pester him to teach me what 'colors' mean and how do they work. I
would bombard him with such cool words as 'RAD' on a continual basis,
trying to subconsciously get him to say it once. And I'd hang with Chett,
cause she like's hockey. (Which by the way is the one and only sport in the

Then there's GARY:
I would take a photograph of every 'unique' Groo item he has so that I can
document it for my web site. Then I'd try to get in so good with his family
that he'd feel he 'have' to put me in his will as the sole receiver of all
things groo! And I'd talk about Bean World with his son! And in the long
run, I'd have to agree Daniel, I'd too get hernia stealing his Groo

I'd like try to have a discussion about writing with him... only to get
blown away by his incrediable use of adverbs to make a story sound so much
better!!! (Which is basically the only reason I buy CBG.) Mark seems to
have met every known person in the world!

We'd play hockey!

And the rest of you... sorry... I just don't know you that well yet..

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
Brave enough for a Lan Party?
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