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Re: Important News Flash!!!

You know, I am fond of the saying......"beans", it cobers everything.
"say, did you like the show?"....."beans"
of course, my location is not the best place to have a weird ass saying,
especially when no one but me understands it.
Bodhi sva-ha- ka han-nya shin gyo
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Datum: Freitag, 5. März 1999 18:25
Betreff: Re: Important News Flash!!!

>>This just in - a Majority Vote in Congress just declared, at 8:38am
>>morning, that 'RAD' is indeed for better, and more meaningful than
>>'WICKED'!!! The next step that Congress will do is to push a bill to
>~~ Sorry, the "Rad Witch of the West" just doesn't float my dinghy.
>Unless maybe they gave her a surfboard and a 2 piece... just think of
>the deviant sexual issues all those kids from the 40's would have today
>if they had done that,  huh? (and the dwarves! Oh man!  it would be a
>whole differnet world...)
>~Nate P. "Sparky "I stubbed my groo" Urinetoast"
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