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Hernias & International Groos

> From Shane:
>  I'd have to agree Daniel, I'd too get hernia stealing his Groo

Hernia, huh.  What kind?  btw, you'd also be licked to death by my
daughter's "viscious" dog. This would happen after you tripped over her,
which would not make your hernias feel very good, where ever they were.  

> From: Lia Bulaong
> > I got on their list as a vehicle for trying to find Turkish Groos
> Is there NOTHING you wouldn't do to get your hands on Groo?

Apparently not.  

> :] Lia, who both admires and fears your, um, single-mindedness
> P.S. How many international versions of Groo do you have? Just 
> curious.

At this moment, I have 132 of the 147 sort of known  (Turkish is a guess). 
But I have only 14 of the 200+ serialized Malaysian Sunday Megazine pages. 

Take care -Gary G.  (Who hopes the Groo Lunch Box comes with a Rufferto
Thermos plus a Scribe Pencil sharpener and a Sage pocket dictionary for the
first 200 buyers! )