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Re: One Night!

>I really think that if all of us groo zealots got together we'd
>accidentally slay each other and the group would be no more. so just
>forget it.

~~~ I haven't accidentally slain anyone in days...

~Nate P.~ If Chad's theory is correct, we shoud definitely not get 
together at my place.  (collection of replica ancient weapons including  
"live" swords, daggers etc. , lots of large heavy objects like guitars 
and amps... wouldn't want to make it any easier for us.)  Perhaps we 
should all meet in a field.  Naked.  Blindfolded.  Tied to benches and 
make sure the grass is trimmed really short. (sounds like something the 
FBI would send a SWAT unit to.... "No officers, we just belong to an 
internet list and were afraid we'd accidentally kill each other when we 
met!" "That's nice son, pull up you pants and come with me..."

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