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Groo lives!! (A Grooism)

Well, I s'pose I should said Groo lives in my apartment building, but
that would have been too long....

(some middle ager Groopies will remember that Groo used to live in my
basement -- I've since moved, and mayhaps he's followed...)

Anyhow, the place where we (Christi and I) live, has underground
parking, which is accessed via a large garage door that automatically
opens for a minute or so when you approach it.  Directly beside the
garage door is a regular 'outside' door for pedestrians, and said door
must be opened from the outside with a key.  Needless to say, any
'daring' soul could enter the underground through the garage door if it
was open, rather than fuss with  the lock on the door.  Well, the other
day, we drove up to the door just behind another car.  As the garage
door opened for the car in front of us, we could see that a lady was
fumbling for her keys at the pedestrian door.  As the first car leaves,
I pull up to the soon-to-start-closing garage door, and re-triggered the
door opening mechanism and proceeded to pull out.  The lady remained at
the door - with the huge garage door opening directly beside her - until
I pulled up the lane way.  She finally opened the door, stumbled her way
in (she wasna' drunk), and closed the pedestrian door, just as the
garage door began to close again.  I figure she took 2 minutes to open
the pedestrian door, while the garage door was open for 3.  If I hadn't
of already read Groo, I'd of though she was a sheep!

Christi and I laughed all the way to the cheese dip shop!


PS: this story reminds me of the Scooby Doo gag where they would get
into a place through a window, then unlock the door from the inside, go
out the door, then go back into the place through the now-unlocked door.