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Re: The Dark Side

Nate Piekos wrote:

> vs. obi, before? Oni is a demon, obi is a belt)  Actually quite a bit of
> Star Wars is based in samurai lore.  This continues Lucas' tendancy
> towards Japanese costuming... just look at Vader's helmet, very much
> like a samurai Kabuto.  And Obi-wan and Yoda's robes are very much like
> martial arts' gi.   See? You learn something new every day.  Sergio
> incorporates a lot of Japanese dress into Groo, too.  A lot of the armor
> etc. is a hodgepodge of different cultures.  I noticed he likes to use
> kabuto helmets.

	Incidently, George Lucas co-produced (w/ Marty Scorsayzee) a movie
called "Musashi" in the early 70s.  There was some Samurai material in
that, and I wonder if George gained his interest in the Samurai during
that movie, or if he used it as an 'exercise' to research for Star
Wars.  Musashi is a should-see movie, BTW.  
	I've noticed that Sergio likes to draw naked women in the backgrounds
of his splash pages.