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Hoisted by My Own Petard!!!

Hi Folks!

Aahhhhh!   I hadn't organized my collection since right after San Diego and
things were really stacking up!  Literally!  So I get everything bagged and
boarded that isn't already and put stuff away and reorganize and basically
get stuff organized the same way I have it on my list.  So I've got 2 short
boxes for the Groo Comics and Reprints, a Magazine size box for the MAD
Magazines, two more short boxes for the International Groos, a short box
for Usagi Yojimbo, a short box for the Other Original Groo Appearances and
another Magazine box for all the stuff that's bigger than comic book size. 
All that leaves is some hard cover books, a few really oversized items, and
most of the stuff from the Merchandise and Misc.Items section, none of
which were on the table I'd been using..  

Then I look at said table and there is still these piles of stuff!!!  And
I'm thinking "What the hell is all that?  Everything is put away!!!"  I
sorta know what it all is.  But really, I think my Groo collection has been
breeding mutant Groo stuff behind my back.  I'm sleeping with my baby
battle axe by my bed.  

Anywho, sleep well.  (I know I won't)  -Gary G.