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Odd info

1. Got the newest Previews today (with a cool Star Wars cover and the
Episode I comics!!) and it says that the June issue of Oni Double
Feature (#12) from Oni press will feature an original one page strip
by "master cartoonist Sergio Aragones." Don't know if Mark or anyone
had mentioned this before, but figured you should know, in case there
is anyone really obsessive about this stuff out there.

2. According to this dictionary of allusions I have, Thais(with an
umlaut(2 dots) over the i) was the name of an ancient Athenian
courtesan and mistress of Alexander the Great. There is also a novel
and an opera named after her. I don't think it is the same spelling as
the Groo character (how do you spell her name anyway?), but it is close.

3. Off-topic: Also according to the new Previews, the first three
issues of the Episode I comic adaptation come out before the movie.
Off course it is Dark Horse and we know how punctual they can be!

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