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1999 Groop Awards

Ok, this is NOT Kevin speaking to you... Yesterday, he sent a message to
the academy that he was sick & would be offline for a couple days. As
soon as that happened, the ftp server started working again & Magnus was
able to fix the Awards site. So, given this info, Kevin will NOT be
around until the voting is over! (nudge, nudge, knowwhatImean?
Saynomore! Saynomore!)

So, for all the Groop who hasn't voted yet...GO VOTE!! Doesn't matter if
you're a newbie, oldbie, or Bea Arthur. As to the ones who'd voted
already...it's even better the second time!! Have fun all!!

NOT Kevin (who feels like a cyber Groo on the Cyber Awards ship)

PS He's headed back to bed right now, Lia. Thanks for the kind words.
Hope you're doing better soon too!