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Re: Bufoonary and other dark matter(s).

You don't know what mystery Science Theater 3000 is, alright here we go.
The thing is this, two evil scientists, Dr. Clayton Forrester & Dr.
Larry Earhardt, shot the sleepy-eyed, well-meaning janitor of Gizmonics
Institute, Joel Robinson, into space for an expirement. Joel invented
the robots: Crow, the gold one, Tom Servo, the short red one, and Gypsy,
the purple one, who runs the higher functions of the ship. Cambot, I'm
going to assume was put there by the scientists to keep an eye on Joel.
BTW, the ship is referred to as the Satelite of Love. Essentially, they
were forced (by the scientists) to watch really bad movies, which they
heckle and make wise-cracks throughout. Movies ranging from the goofy :
Gamera, Godzilla, The Crawling Eye, to the excrutiatingly painful:
Manos, the Hands of Fate, That one still makes me shudder. Then, after
awhile, Dr. Earhardt disapeared, so to fill the void Dr. Forrester hired
TV's Frank away from the local Arby's. Later still, the Mads, as they
were called, hired temp worker Mike Nelson to help them with their
inventory. They then planned to kill Mike rather then pay him. Gypsy (
the purple robot), overheard and thought the Mads were planning to kill
Joel. Enlisting the aid of Mike, they discovered an escape pod aboared
the satelite in a box marked Hamdingers, and since noone on the ship
liked Hamdingers it had remained hidden until then. Gypsy chucks Joel
into the escape pod, and Joel heads back to earth. The Mads, angryat
losing Joel, and not wanting their expirement to fail, the knock Mike
out and send him up to the satelite to take Joels place. So now it's
Mike, Crow, and  om Servo watching bad movies. Then in season six TV's
Frank was assumed intoheavon by the angel Torgo (the creepy big kneed
goat man from Manos), so the Mrs. Pearl Forrester, Dr.Forrester's mom,
takes Frank's place. Then she kills Dr.Forrester, the satlite ends up on
the edge of the universe for about 500 years. The crew of the satelite
come back to earth to find it ruled by intellegent apes most notably
Prof. BoBo, and Dr.Peanut. Pearl, who had herself frozen, was
pro-claimed the Lawgiver, and the movies continued. The telepathic
mutants from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, show up with their
disfuntional bomb, The apes, being good neighbors, try to fix the bomb.
Mike tells them how, the planet explodes. The only survivors being The
crew of the satelite, and Pearl, who escaped in a rocket powered
Volkswagen bus, Prof. BoBo, who stowed away on the bus, and Dr.Peanut,
who flung into the past, and thanks to that and a particularly freaky
female reletive of Mike's gave birth to the intellegent apes who were
running the world. Then everybody was captured by the Observers. These
guys were pasty white, wore long purple robes, and claimed they had no
need of a pysical body, which is why they also carried their brains
around in a pan. Pearl lies to Mike to get them to help her and BoBo
escape disection. Mike destroys the planet. However, one Observer
escapes and joins up w/ Pearl and BoBo. They chase Mike and the crew,
through wormholes, alternate realities, and the ancient past, before
finally making it back to their own time and reality. Pearl arrives at
the ancestral home of the Forrester clan, and resumes trying to take
over the world while forcing Mike and the bots to watch bad movies. That
takes us up to current pretty much, and remember you asked.      ---
Bryan " too much free time" Shultz

Hail to the king, baby!----Ash-- Army of Darkness

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Old Business:

Man, what was all that? I feel like I came in in the middle of a conversation.

Ash: I think Ruben beat you.  While you sent 6 emails in 2 hours, he sent 6
emails in 2 minutes.  A new record!  (And yet everyone complained when I

As to Shadow Again, I'm sure we'll see him again, or at least his shadow
(there's nothing to stop him from getting another hotmail or other free email

New Business: 

Gary: I you want to get rid of your mutant Groo stuff, breed it with pens,
it's sure to disappear.  No matter how many pens I start the day with I have
none left at the end.  However, should you choose to breed your legit Groo
stuff with hangers, it's sure to multiply.  I almost never have anything dry
cleaned, yet every time I open my closet I have more hangers.  What are they
up to in there?  What happens when I run out of closet space?  Is the answer
knowable?  Was that an epistimilogical question? Am I rambling?  Am I going to
stop?  If so, when?

And....If I might make a format/style suggestion about the lunchboxes:
I think they should be the old kind with the dome top a'la Ed Norton going off
to work.  You know what I mean, the kind you see in old pictures from the
twenties, the kind constuction workers have in cartoons. It would really set
the Groo lunchbox apart from all others (plus it would fit all my neat Groo
stuff really well).  I bet there are economic concerns at work here though, I
bet it would be really hard/expensive to find a company that manufactors those
anymore, and even worse to get Groo's mug pasted on them.  Oh, well.


PS  I'll let Gary handle Wacko24's first point, and Mark his second (well,
here's a hint, look up the plot to the opera) as to his third, I have no idea
what he's talking about.  So here's my generic response:  Wuzza Wuzza.

PPS  What the heck is Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?

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