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Could It Be?, etc.

Hi Folks!

Maybe an action figure.  Maybe a lunch box.  You realize that, maybe, this
could mean a Groo ANIMATED CARTOON SHOW is in the works!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (note
to newbies-Mark is recognized as one of the top, if not THE top, cartoon
voice director in the Biz-all the best voice folks know and love him.  And
Sergio would supervise the animation if he had to go to Korea to do so!
Mark said so.)     

Danile wrote:
> Gary: I you want to get rid of your mutant Groo stuff, breed it with
> it's sure to disappear.  No matter how many pens I start the day with I
> none left at the end.  However, should you choose to breed your legit
> stuff with hangers, it's sure to multiply.  

If I breed them with credit card offers and telephone solicitations, the
world is in big, big trouble. 

> PS  I'll let Gary handle Wacko24's first point, 

Jason's heads-up is greatly appreciated!  Thanks Jason!   

> PPS  What the heck is Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

Dan, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a program where they show some of the
cheesiest monster/horror movies ever made.  Your hosts are silhouetted on
the bottom of the screen like they were in a theater and they make fun of
the the movie as it's shown.  As the posts have indicated, most fans think
things have gone downhill since one of the original hosts left.  I don't
watch it, but my boys do, or did.  

Also, about the Asterix e-mail line.  I didn't mean to put them or their
comic down.  It's just that all their posts are about "I've got this
translation" or "Anybody know where I can get this translation"  And the
occasional "I think the puns are poorly translated"  All well and good for
collectors, but BORING!  They have no contests, no running gags, no contact
with the creators (Ok, that's not fair, one of them is dead and the other
one is pushing 80)  And they have no Nate, no Demon Squirrel, or even a
That Guy Daniel.   I'd like to see THEM try and take over the world!   

Anywho, enough rambling.  Take care all -Gary G.  

PS  On the subject of multiple posts.  Could anyone do a post count from
the first of the year?