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Re: Bufoonary and other dark matter(s).

And here I thought it was just guys making of fun of cheesy monster movies.
 Silly me.  -Gary G.  

> From: BRYAN SHULTZ <PSYCHO-MAN@webtv.net>
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: Bufoonary and other dark matter(s).
> Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 9:10 AM
> You don't know what mystery Science Theater 3000 is, alright here we go.
> The thing is this, two evil scientists, Dr. Clayton Forrester & Dr.
> Larry Earhardt, shot the sleepy-eyed, well-meaning janitor of Gizmonics
> Institute, Joel Robinson, into space for an expirement. Joel invented
> the robots: Crow, the gold one, Tom Servo, the short red one, and Gypsy,
> the purple one, who runs the higher functions of the ship. Cambot, I'm
> going to assume was put there by the scientists to keep an eye on Joel.
> BTW, the ship is referred to as the Satelite of Love. Essentially, they
> were forced (by the scientists) to watch really bad movies, which they
> heckle and make wise-cracks throughout. Movies ranging from the goofy :
> Gamera, Godzilla, The Crawling Eye, to the excrutiatingly painful:
> Manos, the Hands of Fate, That one still makes me shudder. Then, after
> awhile, Dr. Earhardt disapeared, so to fill the void Dr. Forrester hired
> TV's Frank away from the local Arby's. Later still, the Mads, as they
> were called, hired temp worker Mike Nelson to help them with their
> inventory. They then planned to kill Mike rather then pay him. Gypsy (
> the purple robot), overheard and thought the Mads were planning to kill
> Joel. Enlisting the aid of Mike, they discovered an escape pod aboared
> the satelite in a box marked Hamdingers, and since noone on the ship
> liked Hamdingers it had remained hidden until then. Gypsy chucks Joel
> into the escape pod, and Joel heads back to earth. The Mads, angryat
> losing Joel, and not wanting their expirement to fail, the knock Mike
> out and send him up to the satelite to take Joels place. So now it's
> Mike, Crow, and  om Servo watching bad movies. Then in season six TV's
> Frank was assumed intoheavon by the angel Torgo (the creepy big kneed
> goat man from Manos), so the Mrs. Pearl Forrester, Dr.Forrester's mom,
> takes Frank's place. Then she kills Dr.Forrester, the satlite ends up on
> the edge of the universe for about 500 years. The crew of the satelite
> come back to earth to find it ruled by intellegent apes most notably
> Prof. BoBo, and Dr.Peanut. Pearl, who had herself frozen, was
> pro-claimed the Lawgiver, and the movies continued. The telepathic
> mutants from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, show up with their
> disfuntional bomb, The apes, being good neighbors, try to fix the bomb.
> Mike tells them how, the planet explodes. The only survivors being The
> crew of the satelite, and Pearl, who escaped in a rocket powered
> Volkswagen bus, Prof. BoBo, who stowed away on the bus, and Dr.Peanut,
> who flung into the past, and thanks to that and a particularly freaky
> female reletive of Mike's gave birth to the intellegent apes who were
> running the world. Then everybody was captured by the Observers. These
> guys were pasty white, wore long purple robes, and claimed they had no
> need of a pysical body, which is why they also carried their brains
> around in a pan. Pearl lies to Mike to get them to help her and BoBo
> escape disection. Mike destroys the planet. However, one Observer
> escapes and joins up w/ Pearl and BoBo. They chase Mike and the crew,
> through wormholes, alternate realities, and the ancient past, before
> finally making it back to their own time and reality. Pearl arrives at
> the ancestral home of the Forrester clan, and resumes trying to take
> over the world while forcing Mike and the bots to watch bad movies. That
> takes us up to current pretty much, and remember you asked.      ---
> Bryan " too much free time" Shultz
> Hail to the king, baby!----Ash-- Army of Darkness