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Sheer stupidity

None of your Business:

Nate Wrote:

>PPPS. All these PS's remind me of That Guy Daniel

Are you saying I'm something of a PS'er?

Gary Wrote:

>and they have no Nate, no Demon Squirrel, or even a
>That Guy Daniel.

or even?  OR EVEN?!  Listen pal....

Thanks to everyone for clearing up the MST3K mystery (heh heh),  I've actually
seen the show a couple'a times, I just never knew what it was called.


PS:  Yes!  I'm in!  Two Official Veteran Groopers (OVGs) mentioned me in their
emails in one day!  I'm initiated!

PPS  Nate:  Sheering means multiplying by a N-dimensional matrix of which the
leading term in the first row is the same as the final term in the final row
and no other terms correspond.  This creates a new basis, or in the
vernacular, "makes the picture all slanty".  For example, if you "sheered" a
sheep, you'd have a freaky sheep. Does this clear up the confusion?

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?

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