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the Mighty Magnor

Oh my gosh, what has happened to me.  I recently purcahsed the six 
issues of The Mighty Magnor.  Issue 1 had comic's first ever pop-out (or 
is it pop-up?) cover.  After much deliberation, I decided to only open 
and read issues 2 thru 6.  I decided to keep issue 1 unopened and sealed 
so it would be worth more in the future.  After reading the rest of the 
series, I thought to myself, "What have I become?"  I bought one of the 
best miniseries ever (in my oppinion anyway), and I won't even open up 
issue 1.  Have I become of of Those People that buys comics not to read 
and enjoy, but to never even open them and put them in mylar bags and 
keep a collection to sell at some later date.  After realizing the 
monster I had become, I opened it up and read it, which kinda helped 
everything else make sense.  Anyway, just thought y'all might like to 

-Fozzie Bear

P.S.  My parents have become deeply ashamed of me for using "Southern" 
words like "y'all".

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