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Hey, gang. From time to time it seems we fall into the cyber abyss and
have to remind ourselves to keep *some* modicum of control. Seph was
making a remark about large attachments, and some other folks had DOZENS
of posts often with just one line each. I know I'm being a wet blanket,
and we are all for craziness, but there *are* some folks on the list who
enjoy being here, but wish we'd exercise SOME control.

If you're new to the list, you may never have heard some of these
before, if you're an old-timer, we just forget (part of being old!)  ;) 
Also, I fall into these traps also, so I'm not trying to tell anyone to
do anything I don't need to do too!

1) do NOT send large attachments. put large graphics, programs, or any
other large file on a website, or ask Groop folks individually if they
want it sent

2) Try to combine messages when possible. Gary's usually pretty good at
this. Follow his lead.

3) While off-topic isn't verboten on this list -- we all like Usagi (and
it's sort of a relative of Groo kind of), Bone, various Enchilada
dishes, & apparently MST3K & Bruce Campbell -- it *is* a Groo list, so
if we get too off topic too often, it's probably better to take it one
on one...I had a GREAT music exchange just a short while ago with
Ruben...that WAS you, wasn't it? Geez! My memory IS getting worse! :)

I think that's all...sorry, if I offended anyone. Please flame me
privately as not to clutter up the list. :)