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Grooisms and such

What's up Groop,

I have been lurking for quite some time, but I can hold out no longer.  The
other day I witnessed a Groo-In-Progress and I thought that I would share
it with you all.  It was about 11:00pm and I was walking up third avenue.
I hit eleventh street, and I had to wait for the light.  Two ladies and one
man hustled out of a grocery store and proceeded towards me.  As they got
closer it became clear that they were about to split up and go their own

Lady 1 - "you should give us a call sometime."

Lady 2 - "yeah, ..."

Man    - "Uh ok,  do you have a pen?"

Lady 1 - "uuummmmm, ... let me check..."

Man    - "You know what!  just tell me the number, I have a
          photographic memory."

I was thinking Groo all the way.  He kind of smelled like cheese dip now
that I think about it.  -BassClef