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I apologize! I'm sorry!

Old Business:

Hey guys!  I want to apologize if  I annoyed/inconvienenced anyone yesterday.
I was not aware that other servers don't give the option of DL'ing or not
DL'ing any attached file.  Actually, I should have checked how large the file
was (it's easy to get carried away with 56K sometimes).  But, as you can see,
I've turned over a new leaf (or is it stone?).  This email complies a whole
bunch of one-liners, so my apology to you is late, but there are less TGD
posts to delete.

Re: Magnor:  I'm still missing ish #'s 3 & 5,  and none of the comic shops
around here have ANY.

A detailed list of Groo's latest follies can be found @ www.dhorse.com., then
search for "Groo".   Actually, if you search for "Aragones"  you'll get all
the comics Sergio has worked on for Darkhorse.

Dammit!  I got outbid again on the Groo minis.  These were also last minute
bidders, but I was prepared for them this time, I had multiple  refreshable
copies of the bid pages ope, and one at least one of the pages was being
refreshed at any given time, so I always knew when I'd been outbid, and could
re-bid instatly, with nearly 0 response time.  However, all the techoadvantage
didn't make me richer, and I had to give up when the price for a set got to
$25 - $30.  Oh, well.  What really makes me mad is that I suspect these people
aren't buy to have a complete personal set, like I am.  I think they're buying
them, hoping to sell 'em at a profit (I've seen one guy in paticular buying
multiple copies of the same Groo set).  Which of course is perfectly legit,
but it seems a little unfair to people like me who just want a complete set of
Groo stuff.  The good news is that if these people are buying the just to sell
them, they'll probably sell 'em on Ebay, and since the Seller isn't going to
bid, that's one less competitor I'll have to deal with.   

does it seems to anyone else that more people are obsessive about collecting
all of Sergio's stuff (not just Groo) than any other artist?


PS Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?