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Re: The Grooless Wanderer

And speaking of mulch...

I find out on Friday that the county is giving away free loads of mulch. Well, we
need mulch at my house, can't live without it, bathe in it, etc., etc.

I call the county, surly man answers the phone, I say (in my prettiest voice, I
always give surly people my pretty voice. I soothes them) "I understand you're
giving away free mulch"

"There's a list" he growls ominously

"Well," I reply prettily, "Could you put me on the list, please?" (I'm only rude to
salepeople on the phone)

"It's a REALLY long list" he growls, maybe a little less surly.

"Well, I really need it, and I don't mind" I say with a twinkle in my voice (he
can't see my eyes, so I put it in my voice)

"Well, where to you live?" he asks, maybe still a little gruff, but not so surly
any more.

I tell him where I live, and he says "I'll bring you a load tomorrow."

"That's great!" I exclaim, deep admiration in my voice (I have an acting
background), "You have been SO helpful! I can't thank you enough!"

Well, the next morning (Saturday) THREE HUGE DUMPTRUCKS come to my house and dump
two tons of mulch in my front yard. They woke up my neighbors, too!!

Anyhoo, that's it about mulch, except that if anyone needs some, they can contact
me. I don't think we'll be able to use it all.

Love, from

Unirabbit, Queen of Florida, Empress of Outer Space, and Seneschal of the Bermuda

P.S. You cannot imagine how horrible two tons of mulch smells. Our neighbors are
kind of pissed.

Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin wrote:

> The Grossmanns wrote:
> > Hi Greg!
> >
> > What do you do for a living that sends you to Saudi Arabia?  Inquiring
> > Groopies(ers) want to know.  We'll leave a dried Mulch candle in the window
> > for you.  Take care -Gary G.
> Maybe Saudi Arabian Government want to convert desert into agricultural land.
> They hired him to do the mulching job. (since he is a Groo fan and an expert in
> mulching)