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Mulch & issues of Magnor

Tracy Parrow wrote:
> And speaking of mulch...

I nominate Tracy for next year's Groop Awards for the Groo award! :) Or
maybe next year's academy will create a "mulch" award. :) You just put
on a little too MUCH sparkle & charm ol' unirabbit! (Little does she
know that this is all Horse mulch. All the horses in the county are in
league with the fellow with the surly voice, and they FINALLY got back
at her a little). :)

As to Magnor issues. The last couple people I sent the way of That's E,
said they didn't have any problems hearing back from them, so maybe
they've figured out how to deal with the additional email load now! :)
So...one place to check is thatse@thatse.com   This is the store I go
to, and they usually have good prices & an excellent back stock. I
believe Eric or Ruben or someone has mentioned Mile High or one of the
other big places also. I'd actually email a bunch & see who's got the
best price while you're at it.


PS Can't believe I opened my big mouth on overposting & such, and now I
can't seem to shut up. Sorry gang.

PPS Whoever made the post about "fricklefarber" or whatever a while
back. You're right: nobody EVER changes the subject line. They do it the
same way on bulletin boards too! Thanks SOOOO much for pointing it out
to me...like I NEEDED another pet email peeve to worry about.

PPPS Oh, yeah. Speaking of email peeves, notice how I didn't need to
include Tracy's WHOLE story above??! You get the idea.

PPPPS I know. I'm in an anal-retentive, annoying, perfectionist mind
state the last week or so. I've been dealing with too many idiots this
last week at school (my daughter's). I know how Groo feels when he runs
into beauracracies!! And they won't let me bring my sword in! Hmmmpph!!
Anyway, it's all a reaction to the stupidity of the local school system.
Especially the nurse!!! Geez!! Don't get me started...

PPPPPS I'll return to my usual blissfully ignorant, reasonably likable,
apparently ?earnest? self in due course. Thanks for being patient &
flying neurotic parent airlines. (Gary, one of these days you'll have to
tell me how you made it through & kept your