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RE: Some Sad News

Now I might be able to watch that film. We have two problems. The worst
censorship in the west. Oh, and the fact that Kubrick would not release the
film in the UK.

Hmmm... reminds me of the puppet episode....

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It is sad. All I can say is: "Hal! Open the pod bay doors!"    "I'm sorry
Dave, I
can't do that."

Unirabbit, a HUGE Kubrick fan, but was only able to watch a Clockwork Orange
time because she was so disturbed by it.

GrooJedi@aol.com wrote:

> I have just found out that Stanley Kubrik died in Britain at the age of
70.  I
> read it off of yahoo news.  If you want to read the article go to:
> 2.html
> It's a tragedy in my opinion
> Jacob S.