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Re: I apologize! I'm sorry!

I agree Daniel, I also can't afford to buy these groo minis right now, and
I wan't them so badly.  How much were they when they were released?  Where
were they realesed anyway?  I can't wait until Groo goes to the big city,
if he does in groo and rufferto 3 or 4.  It would be great to see Groo run
around a city slaying people in his confused fashion.  If Groo came to a
modern city, any guesses on what he might incorporate into his outfit?
maybe a mitten for his nose?

Daniel wrote

>Dammit!  I got outbid again on the Groo minis.  These were also last minute
>bidders, but I was prepared for them this time, I had multiple  refreshable
>copies of the bid pages ope, and one at least one of the pages was being
>refreshed at any given time, so I always knew when I'd been outbid, and could
>re-bid instatly, with nearly 0 response time.  However, all the techoadvantage
>didn't make me richer, and I had to give up when the price for a set got to
>$25 - $30.  Oh, well.  What really makes me mad is that I suspect these people
>aren't buy to have a complete personal set, like I am.  I think they're buying
>them, hoping to sell 'em at a profit (I've seen one guy in paticular buying
>multiple copies of the same Groo set).  Which of course is perfectly legit,
>but it seems a little unfair to people like me who just want a complete set of
>Groo stuff.  The good news is that if these people are buying the just to sell
>them, they'll probably sell 'em on Ebay, and since the Seller isn't going to
>bid, that's one less competitor I'll have to deal with.
>does it seems to anyone else that more people are obsessive about collecting
>all of Sergio's stuff (not just Groo) than any other artist?
>- TGD
>PS Sorry, sorry, sorry.
>Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?