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Re: Fanboy #2 & Groo Sighting

>>Did anyone find Groo in Fanboy #2?

Not so far.  -Gary G.  

btw,  Newbie Groopie, but old Groo fan, Luis Garcia discovered an ancient
and really cool Groo item at the Los Angeles Comic and Science Fiction Con
a couple weeks ago.  Apparently shortly after the issuance of Pacific Groo
#1, Sergio did an autograph session at a comic store called "Comic Kingdom"
 An autograph sheet was prepared for folks which featured the art from the
cover of Pacific #1 with a Sergio self-caricature overlay and a cartoon
bubble for Sergio to write in.  Above the Groo Logo it says "Comic Kingdon

This is what Luis found.  On his, Sergio has written in the bubble "To
Charity, MAD-ly Aragones 82"  and he also drew a little E.T. with a "What
Me Worry?" T-Shirt on.  The E.T. has the red spot on the finger and that's
the only color.  

Way to go Luis!  

Of course, I now hate Luis.. I hate him even more because he won't trade it
to me.  And I hate him more than that because even though he didn't get the
name of the guy who gave him the little print (that's right GAVE him) I
managed to track down the guy and he told me he didn't have any others.  He
had just found that in a MAD magazine that was part of a comic book
inventory he had purchased.  (Sigh!) 

Oh, and..uh...Luis!  If you are ever short on cash.......

-Gary G.