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Mighty Magnor on ebay

     I told a few people I would see if there were anymore Magnors down 
here, but I couldn't find any at my local comic stores.  Sorry.  But 
there is a set of issues 1,3,5,& 6 on ebay.  Hope one of y'all can get 
     One other thing.  This has been bothering me for the longest time.  
I don't mean to offend anybody (so please don't send an email bomb or 
anything) because I think that Horse Slaying is a noble profession (I'm 
not so sure about Pony Slaying, but definately Horse Slaying).  Anyways, 
if the horses are defenseless, do you really have to be that Bold to 
slay them.  Maybe you add a lot of pizzaz when you slay them, or maybe 
you are just humble and the horses aren't as defenseless as you claim.  
Just wondering.
     Oh, and so this isn't totally devoid of Groo references:MULCH
(The checks in the mail M.E.)

-Fozzie "Two parenthetical statments in one sentence" Bear

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