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Re: Garyitis, etc.

Shane Wrote:

> I think I've stepped closer to Gary's world. I now have 2 complete runs
> Groo Marvel/Epic #1-120.
> I'm starting the 3rd set with the ebay special I got.
> Oh how it scares me as I approach Gary's World!!!

It should.

Actually, putting together multiple Comic runs is not my thing.  However, I
hate to tell you how many sets of cards I've managed.......

Bryan wrote:

> Does anybody know if you can still get The Groo and the Thought Police
> t-shirt by donating to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund? I'm trying to
> get one for a friend of mine.

Yes.  I don't have the address handy, but they (CBLDF) have a website. 
They'd be more than happy to send you a shirt for a $20 donation.  

Bassclef wrote about the lead Minis being unaffordable:

It's a drag what's happened with the minis.  They originally cost $6.95 and
as recently as a year ago you could get three sets for $15 and the Dragon
for $8.  Then people, including the manufacturer, discovered
ebay..........The only people crazier than lead mini people are card
people.  Comics people fall somewhere between Barbie collectors and guys
who collect Transfomers, and none of them are nearly as bad as Beanie Baby

Kevin: Re Stupid School People:  It is your sacred duty as a parent to be a
royal pain in the ass to any school person who doesn't do their part to see
your child get's the best education posible.  Some school administrators
think they can blow off kids because they're kids.  Anyone who blows off my
kids has to deal with me.  And I assure you I approach such things with the
same diligence and tenacity with which I search the globe for Groos!  
And finally, 

Someone commented on Unirabbit's predeliction for slaying defenseless

Hey, we all have to have a hobby!   And besides, she's armed with a lot of
Mulch these days.  So I'd watch my step!    (Oh, I know, but I just
couldn't resist!)  

Take care all -Gary G.