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Re: 1980's poster on ebay

> I'd like to know how many members of the groop have this Groo 
> promotional poster for Pacific comics?
> I never knew it existed.  
> I'd love to have this bad boy framed next to my other Groo posters but 
> I don't know about paying $100.00-plus for one. . . 
> Gary, do you have this item?

Yes, I do.  And this was one of the times I got lucky.  I had put an ad in
the CBG for the Epic Poster and one of the guys who answered asked me if I
wanted the Pacific Poster too. I had heard extremely vague rumors about its
existance, but had dismissed them as referring to the Epic Poster.   -Gary
G.  (Who has balanced such luck with a willingness to be gouged on other