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GROO/real world

  I can't wait until Groo goes to the big city,
>if he does in groo and rufferto 3 or 4.  It would be great to see Groo 
>around a city slaying people in his confused fashion.  If Groo came to 
>modern city, any guesses on what he might incorporate into his outfit?
>maybe a mitten for his nose?

~~~~ I'm willing to bet that GROO will never make it to the big city.  
Rufferto will get back by himself (by and large).  WHy? You ask?  Well, 
GROO in the "real world" makes the killing aspect of the comic, too 
real.  It's a comedy, and when GROO slays in his own world, we have less 
in common with his victims  than if he slayed anyone in the "real 
world".  (did you feel uncomfortable when you read, "victims"? That's 
because we don't associate evil with GROO, even though he kills a lot.)  
Again, this is just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet on this. GROO 
killing in the "real world" would be too far from the "cartoon" violence 
GROO is based in.

~Nate P.

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