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Re: GROO/real world

You make a good point, Nate, but I can also see Groo in the 'Big City' being
wholly disgusted with 'pointless slaying' and happily returning to his own
time(?) to slay with a reason!

Unirabbit, couldn't seem to get the words right, hopr you all understand.

P.S. Ruben - Believe it or not, we actually got most of the mulch spread
this weekend, I wish i HAD thought of taking a picture of it. It would have
been great.

P.P.S. My husband said it was more than two tons (what do I know, I'm a

P.P.P.S. Our water sprinklers went on last night. I love the scent of wet
mulch in the morning. It smells like...victory.

Nate Piekos wrote:

>   I can't wait until Groo goes to the big city,
> >if he does in groo and rufferto 3 or 4.  It would be great to see Groo
> run
> >around a city slaying people in his confused fashion.  If Groo came to
> a
> >modern city, any guesses on what he might incorporate into his outfit?
> >maybe a mitten for his nose?
> ~~~~ I'm willing to bet that GROO will never make it to the big city.
> Rufferto will get back by himself (by and large).  WHy? You ask?  Well,
> GROO in the "real world" makes the killing aspect of the comic, too
> real.  It's a comedy, and when GROO slays in his own world, we have less
> in common with his victims  than if he slayed anyone in the "real
> world".  (did you feel uncomfortable when you read, "victims"? That's
> because we don't associate evil with GROO, even though he kills a lot.)
> Again, this is just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet on this. GROO
> killing in the "real world" would be too far from the "cartoon" violence
> GROO is based in.
> ~Nate P.
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