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Re: Some Sad News

Hi Folks!

Well, Stanley Kubrick was a great director who did some fascinating,
cutting edge stuff.  But one of the things I learned about him that took a
little of the glow off his career for me was in Kirk Douglas'
autobiography.  Douglas had really been impressed with Kubrick's work when
he had hired him for Paths of Glory.  So when things weren't working out
with the director of Spartacus, Douglas fired him and hired Kubrick, who
had no experience with a really big film.  It was seen as gamble by
everyone but Douglas.  Spartacus was the film where Douglas wrestled with
the problem of having hired Dalton Trumbo, one of the best screen writers
ever, but on the Blacklist, to write the script and how to handle the
official writing credits.  Ultimately, Douglas decided to hell with it and
demanded Trumbo's name be put in the credits.  It seems stupid now, but it
was a really big deal back then and Douglas was reamed for it at the time
as much as he is hailed for it now.   

However, before he reached that decision, Douglas was trying to decide what
to do and Kubrick "offered" to take credit for the script!!!  Douglas
couldn't believe it.  Some other dealings with Kubrick lead him to use
Kubrick as a primary example of how just because someone is talented
doesn't mean the aren't, in Douglas' words, "a shit" and vice versa. He
would hire him in a minute if he could to direct a film, but characterized
him as "a talented shit".  (btw, Douglas doesn't paint himself as that
great a guy sometimes either)  

Anywho (now here comes the part where I make this relavant)  that is why we
on the Groo-line are so lucky!!!   The guys whose work we admire so
much-and I'm talking the entire Groo Crew-are not just incredibly talented,
they are also really, really nice guys.  (either that, or they are great
actors who have paid off a lot of people)  

Take care all -Gary G.  (Who hopes he has not upset Kubrick fans too much)