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Re: Groo on tv...?

>Ho gang.
>Has anyone noticed the uncanny similatities to Groo in Xena and
>Hercules? I mean, Hercules walks from town to town, he´s kinda stupid
>and slays hundreds at a time. Xena, on the other hand is kinda
>angry/sour. Just like Chakaal. Is it just me or does the entire
>production team read Groo for inspiration?
I think the show "Family Matters" takes the cake on that one.  It's 
about a nerd named "Urkel" who causes trouble where ever he goes, has a 
liking of cheese and is often heard saying "Did I do that?" after 
causing some catostrophy (though he had good intentions).  People who 
know him, generally try to avoid him, and it's usually the people who 
don't know him that feel the full effect of his...good intentions.

P.S. Hercules tries to avoid killing.
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