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Not Groo Sitings

E-Greetings Groop,
the following message really HAS nothing to do with groo sitings.

Siting # 1:  At my local comic shop, you have to chek your bag in at the 
counter.  A card (something regarding the people in the comic industry, 
ex. a card about Sergio Aragones) is attached to your bag as it is put 
away, and you are given another (Sergio) card.  Well, this morning I go 
there, check my bag in; and just by chance look down at the card.  To my 
shock/excitement/joy/disbelief, it was a card about MARK EVANIER!!
I would have asked the guy at the counter if I could have it, but just 
last week, I begged the store out of a Sergio Aragones card.

Siting # 2:  While brousing through the library, I stumbled upon a book 
titled "CONAN THE WANDERER". (Not "Conan the Barberian", not "Conan the 
Destroyer", not "Conan O'Brien", but "Conan the WANDERER")

                          -Saad "My world is a much better place" Azim
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