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Re: Not Groo Sitings

> Siting # 1:  At my local comic shop, you have to chek your bag in at the 
> counter.  A card (something regarding the people in the comic industry, 
> ex. a card about Sergio Aragones) is attached to your bag as it is put 
> away, and you are given another (Sergio) card.  Well, this morning I go 
> there, check my bag in; and just by chance look down at the card.  To my 
> shock/excitement/joy/disbelief, it was a card about MARK EVANIER!!
> I would have asked the guy at the counter if I could have it, but just 
> last week, I begged the store out of a Sergio Aragones card.

I'm assuming these are the Famous Comic Book Creator cards?  Sergio is
holding an oversized black pen in the picture on his card.  .  
> Siting # 2:  While brousing through the library, I stumbled upon a book 
> titled "CONAN THE WANDERER". (Not "Conan the Barberian", not "Conan the 
> Destroyer", not "Conan O'Brien", but "Conan the WANDERER")

"Conan the Wanderer"  was first published in 1968 and is the fourth book in
L. Sprague de Camp's consolidation of Howard's Conan stories and his own
expansion thereof.  It contains 2 Howard Conan stories from the 30's, a
Sprague de Camp/Lin Carter Conan story, and a non-Conan Howard story that
de Camp turned into a Conan story.  

As has been said before, all these guys obviously retroactively anticipated
and stole the idea of Groo from Sergio when they wrote Conan. 

Take care -Gary G., giver of useless information.