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Fwd: Follow-up

Hey guys, I thought I'd forward this little Grooism I received from a 
local car dealer.  "Did you get this email--if not, please email me"!!  
What a riot!  Would you buy a car from this guy?!  Certainly not at the 
price he quoted me...I'm not Groo...

>From: David Howell <DaveHowell@thegrid.net>
>To: meylek@hotmail.com
>Subject: Follow-up
>Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 17:54:42 -0800
     Greetings again, I emailed you on the 6th concerning your Online 
Inquiry about Jeep Wranglers. Did you get this email? If not please 
email me and let me know. I can then restart with you. If your no longer 
Interested, please let me know as well, so I can stop wasting your time 
and mine.Ill be in till 7 tonight and then at 9am tommorrow. Thanks for 
your time.
>Dave Howell
>Jeep Online/AutoVantage
>Perry Ford-Lincoln-Mercury-Jeep

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