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Don't get me started on Star Trek

The only Star Trek I reallly ever enjoyed was Next Generation.  The original
was to cheesy, DS9 is too socio-political , and Voyager is like a soap opera.
I just want the middle kind of Star Trek, not a soap opera, but not the Planet
of The Beautiful Green Skinned Women, either.  I just want to see some aliens
get blown up, that's all. Oh, well.

This message is in compliance with the Groo code, part A, subsection C.iii:
"All messages to the Groop must mention Groo, make veiled threats and/or wild
accusations, or contain at least one predictable unfunny joke."

Why did Groo cross the road?  Why? Why?  I'll tell you why!  Gary pushed him!
there. Three-in-one


PS Ha, Ha! Now you can't flame me for sending Star Trek mail to the Groop.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?