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Re: Don't get me started on Star Trek

> next generation ruled, but, kira is sexy!!!

~~~ I met Kira (Nana Visitor) once.  She had just had her baby (with 
Alexander Sidig -- Dr. Bashir)  I won backstage passes at a convention 
and got to do the "meet & greet" with her for a little while.  Really 
nice person.  And she's TALL!  You wouldn't think so from the show.  And 
for all us DS9 fans in New England, I told her about how FOX only shows 
DS9 late at night now, and she was a little peeved too.  I also tried to 
get her to admit that there are some really "overeager" trek fans, but 
she was too diplomatic.  She just kinda smiled knowingly.  And then we 
discussed GROO.

~Nate P.~ OK, I made up the last sentence.  We didn't discuss GROO... 
...we roleplayed our favorite GROO scenes, and then.... ...ok, I'll stop 

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