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Re: Groopies 10, Groopers 7

Actually, I still think we should be called Grooids.

All Hail Brak

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It's a sad day, Groopers. The Groopie-heads are winning out! (Sorry,
Gary, I've always been a Grooper...earnest maybe...but a Grooper!) C'mon
Groopers!! Head over to the voting site at
http://members.xoom.com/thegroop/  and make yourselves heard!! We'd
rather be mistaken for fish than teenage girls, right?! Am I right? I
can't HEAAARRRR YYYOOUUUU! So, are you ready to rock tonight
Philadelphia??!! I said are you ready to ROCCKK ANNDD ROOLLLL??!!!
Oops...wrong fantasy...

Groopies need not vote...in fact, I think I just saw Sergio passing by
your house you guys!!! If you run outside like good Groopies, you can
probably catch him!!

Hehehh...I'm such a stinker.

Kevin "I'm a Grooper, He's a Grooper, She's a Grooper, wouldn't you like
to be a Grooper too?" Hall

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