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At 20:16 1999-03-10 EST, you wrote:
>OK, I voted for the second time (but only for the Rufferto).  Was this the
>correct procedure?
Not quite ;-) You were supposed to do the vote all over again.. in your
case I think it's easier if we just add your old data as well (easier than
removing it and having you vote again). BUT everybody else, DO THE VOTE ALL
OVER... is there any else who have erred than please e-mail me privetly and
let me know and I will add your old data as well to the final result, ok?

Now 26 people have voted and I hope there are still a few left and I can
tell you that much that some catagories are *very* even. In one catagory I
think there were 4 people equal on first place last I checked! ;-) So your
votes really count, nothing is settled yet!!

Quote of the moment

...and from the Chaos a voice spoke:
-Smile and be happy, because it could be worse!
So I smiled and was happy and it got worse.