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Re: Groopies 10, Groopers 7

for the newbies who don't know the candidates or the reasons why they are
nominated, you can clse your eyes and point your mouse.  But  please vote

btw, how many people in this Groop list?

Azamin "the Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper"
FA Cup 6th round replay:
Chelsea 0
Manchester United 2

Kevin Hall wrote:

> It's a sad day, Groopers. The Groopie-heads are winning out! (Sorry,
> Gary, I've always been a Grooper...earnest maybe...but a Grooper!) C'mon
> Groopers!! Head over to the voting site at
> http://members.xoom.com/thegroop/  and make yourselves heard!! We'd
> rather be mistaken for fish than teenage girls, right?! Am I right? I
> can't HEAAARRRR YYYOOUUUU! So, are you ready to rock tonight
> Philadelphia??!! I said are you ready to ROCCKK ANNDD ROOLLLL??!!!
> Oops...wrong fantasy...
> Groopies need not vote...in fact, I think I just saw Sergio passing by
> your house you guys!!! If you run outside like good Groopies, you can
> probably catch him!!
> Hehehh...I'm such a stinker.
> Kevin "I'm a Grooper, He's a Grooper, She's a Grooper, wouldn't you like
> to be a Grooper too?" Hall