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Groo Silliness

pant, pant, pant...wheeze.....pant. whew....Let me....pant....catch my
breath!..... Kevin!  I didn't see Sergio at all.  And all those cars I
caught up with at the stop lights......pant, wheeze.....They made obcene
jestures and theatened too call the cops!   Are you sure Sergio drove by
my.?....Hey, wait a minute!!!!!!    

Ummmm.  heh, heh.  I was just..wheeze...playing along with you, Kev.  I
didn't really do that.  (Hon, could you get me a towel? I'm sweating on the
key board.)  

Harumph!      Anyway..... 

Greetings Demented Teenage Girls, Big Fish, & Rock Worshippers!

Today I received in the mail the Groo license plate from Pennsylvania which
I bought from a guy in Kentucky. It is cool, even though it isn't an
Official Unofficial Groo List item.  I'm gonna take it to San Diego and ask
Sergio to sign it.  The last expiration sticker is dated April, 1995. 
Ironically, April, 1995 is just about the time I started going off the deep
end with my Groo collection.  Maybe there was a cosmic connection between
the license plate and my brain and when one expired so did the other.    

btw, the Official Unofficial Groo List count is creeping toward 1000!  Yes,
the total of all things Groo continues to rise!  The discovery that Groo
pages have been reprinted in over 200 Sunday magazines in a Malaysian
newspaper kinda juiced up the total, but hey, it's my list, so I get to
make up the rules about what's on it!

Anywho, everyone take care and with respect to the Groop awards, remember
the words of the late Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley when he said to both
the living and the dead "Vote early and often!"   -Gary G.