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Re: Bubble Blurb!!

Hi again Folks!  So much for feeble resolutions to post only once per day! 

Whoohoo!  Bubble got her Groo Statue. And at a decent price! 
Also Bubble wrote:  
> I like all Trek.
> There, I said it.

Folks not around for TV in the 60's who think the original series is cheesy
just don't understand what a giant leap the show was from what had gone
before.  The year before it was aired, it got aced out by Lost in Space,
which was essentially Ozzie and Harriet go to Outer Space and every week
meet an evil guy in a monster suit, the zipper of which any fool could
plainly see.  The Trek sets and effects look awful by today's standards
but, believe it or not, it was the most expensive series of its day.  As
for Kirk and the Space Cutey of the Week, it was the 60's and all heroes
had women falling all over them. Compared to the James Bonds and Al
Munday's (It Takes a Thief), Kirk was a monk. The show bridged the chasm
that existed between the cerebral/morality play sci-fi of the Twilight Zone
and mindless Action Hero shows.  OK, no more of that.  (Unless someone
wants more) 

 Bubble also wrote:   

> Gary:
> Are there any groo appearances in "Understanding Comics"?

Yes. Page 56.  Item 69. on the Other Original Groo Appearances section. 

> And Mike S. Wrote:
> "Groo and Rufferto #3 hit the stands today.  

Groo & Rufferto #3 was delayed a day in the Wild & Wooly Northwest. We
ain't got it yet.

> me: Look ma, I'm learning from Gary.
> mom: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Your mother is a wise woman.

Bye for now!  -Gary G.   (Star Trek II, II, IV, & VI Rule!  [I & V Suck!])
oops, sorry, it just slipped out!