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Re: Groo Grams...

Nate Piekos wrote:
> >Congratulations Nate!  Is this your first time in Groo Grams?
> >
> >-TGD
> ~~~Yes it is.  After all these years.  I had just gotten a really good
> running gag started, something like:  "If there was an Olympic event for
> Not Being In Groo Grams, I'd have serious spinal deformity from all my
> gold medals...."  and than pow.  ME puts me in.  Foiled again.
> I haven't had a chance to go get G&R3 yet, so I don't even know which
> letter went in.
Does it Matter?
As long as you got your letter printed anyway.
Congratulations are in order!!!
Yey, Nate!

I've been trying, twice.
Should try more, I guess, but then I really feel like nothing will
happen. It's probably that I can't think of anything good to write.
Oh but I'm so happy about my name in fanboy...although, hmmmm, the girl
would sleep with me before fanboy...what does that say about HER?