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Re: Don't get me started on Star Trek

>Bubble wrote:
>I like all Trek.
>There, I said it.
>But I like all Groo, too.
>One out of two things in common with the groop isn't too bad.
>And I like The Whole Enchilada too. Plug! Plug!
>For details, email akfcomics@hotmail.com

*********And Tony Replied:
Hey I like all Star Trek as well.  In fact I belong to a Star Trek club 
here in Boise, and that is where I met my fiance.  She is the president 
of the club.  So you can say that if it was not for Star Trek, I would 
not be as happy as I am now.  ;)
And I like TWE as well (Hey Nate, Shouldn't we be getting something for 
all this free advertising??? I mean, two plugs in one e-mail??? ;)

>And Tony Dodds Wrote: (Your name keeps reminding me of Sandman.)
>I did, I did.  I would like a chocolate brownie, Please, with salsa 
>cheese dip on top!!!  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......"

>And Bubble wrote:
>No anchovies?!?!
>What kind of brownie connosieur are you? ;)

********I am not particulary fond of anchovies.  Now if you slapped a 
hunk of raw octopus on top of that.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

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