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Re: Don't get me started on Star Trek

>And I like TWE as well (Hey Nate, Shouldn't we be getting something for 
>all this free advertising??? I mean, two plugs in one e-mail??? ;)

~~~~ Yes, you should be getting the relief of not having to deal with 
Geocities ads at the AKF site verrrrrry soon!  As a matter of fact, 
since I bought my own domain (under the supervision and support of Shane 
Clarke) I will be moving all my sites there.  In fact, I would be 
willing to host the Hall of Mendicants there after this year's premier 
on April Fool's day. (I'm assuming many of you have seen the teaser on 
the Groop Awards Site.  ( http://members.xoom.com/thegroop ) ) As time 
goes on, I would like to make the Halll of Mendicants, a sort of 
Chronical of the members of the Groop..... but the aformentioned premier 
will showcase the primary purpose of the HOM... heh heh heh... wait and 

my new domain is:  http://www.piekosarts.com  you can go check out my 
progress if you'd like, but right now there is just a very rough draft 
of the entry page.

~Nate P.~
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