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CORRECTION Malaysian Groo T shirt

Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin wrote:

> About the Malaysian Groo T shirt,  I'll put as US$10.00 (postage
> included).  You can mail me by next week as I've to go to their office
> to get Groo reprnts for Gary.  (include your snail mail address and
> payment.
> It is white in color and have a picture of Groo hugging Rufferto with a
> Groo logo.  (it is a color picture of Groo)
> Azamin the Malaysian Grooper, the groo trooper

  What you have to do in order to buy the T shirt are:
1.  send me an e-mail stating that you want the T shirt with your snail
mail address.
2. Send me the payment after I got those T shirts (I'll personally send you
an email to tell that the shirt is available ) - e-mail me when you have
send the payment..
3. By this way, we might get each other mail in the same time..