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Mr. Typo

Hi Folks!

> >Bye for now!  -Gary G.   (Star Trek II, II, IV, & VI Rule!  [I & V 
> Suck!])
> >oops, sorry, it just slipped out!  
> >
> Gary,
> do you like "Star Trek II" twice as much as the others, or did you just 
> misspell "Star Trek III".
>                             -Saad "I prefer to be called Klingon" Azim

Well, yeah, I meant Star Trek III.  But if my my e-mails didn't include at
least half a dozen typos and misspelled words, you all would think someone
else had sent them!  

to Demon Squirrel:   NO ONE can defeat GROO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think he and
Chakaal are a standoff, which means NO ONE can defeat CHAKAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!  
 Ha!  So Humberto isn't even #2!  Double Ha!  (And I see those little guys
outside my window with their bushy tales and their Demon Patches and they
don't scare me one bit!.......Well, not much anyway)  

-Take care -Gary G.

(Psst, Unirabbit, what kind of load does your husband use?)