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Heheh (groopers 16, groopies 11)

Groopers...shhhhh!! Don't tell the Groopies! Looks like you guys did the
job!! I'm SO proud! And, of course, Gary or Chris or whoever said it was
right...we (groopers) really shouldn't try to influence (grooper)
votes!! Everyone (groopers) should vote their own heart & soul (grooper)
and let their (grooper) voice be heard!! The polls will be open through
Monday (15th) whenever Magnus decides to shut them down. (I'll be out of
town, so it's up to you, Magnus!!) So, for those of you (groopers) who
haven't let your (grooper) vote count yet, drop by before the weekend's
over! Adios (groopers) for now!

Kevin "grooper who respects teenagers & rocks as well as big fish" Hall